Many of our students say that working at the Admission Center is the best professional development opportunity they’ve had during their time at USC. Whether you study Computer Science or Communication, working as an Admission Ambassador or Tour Guide provides you with valuable public speaking, customer service and business skills – skills which benefit you not only during your time at USC but also long after. Here’s a small sample of what some current students and graduates of the AC have to say:

The professional communication skills I gained through working at the AC has helped me immensely in landing and maintaining my dream internship this summer at my dream dental school.

I would’ve never been able to become such a great public speaker if I hadn’t been hired as a tour guide, and that skill has helped me make some amazing connections professionally and socially.

I had two different internship OFFERS in my field (Mechanical Engineering) just from being a tour guide and meeting parents while giving tours.

The biggest complaint I hear from employers about our generation is the lack of communication skills we possess. Working in the AC and interacting with prospective students, parents, USC students, and our superiors have given me the customer service and communication skills necessary to set me apart from that stereotype.

Skills & Experience

Working at the Admission Center provides you with a variety of professional skills that are useful long after you leave USC. Here’s just a small sample of what we help teach, improve and instruct:

  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation
  • Customer Service
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Advanced Data Processing
  • Leadership
  • Plenty more…

I learned more professional skills by working in the Admission Center than through any other activity or class I participated in at SC. The ability to interact with high-profile visitors instills a sense of professionalism in all members of the AC that stays with you well beyond your last tour of campus.

Not only has working at the AC massively improved my customer service, communication, general office, and public speaking skills, I have also learned how to work with all kinds of people from all walks of life. I’ve grown as an employee, as a student, and as a person. Beyond that I have met some of my best friends at USC and in the world through my connection to the AC. It has entirely shaped my USC experience.

Working at the AC has taught me the skills I need to succeed in a professional environment, and has caused me to be more proactive in working toward my academic and career goals.

Working in the AC has greatly impacted my professional career. It has refined my skills in public speaking and networking, both of which I use in the media/advertising industry. I have been given the privilege of presenting media recommendations to my client, leading client facing conference calls, and executing meetings with directors more than any other associate (entry level) in my company. I owe that all to the training I received in the AC.

The moment you tell an interviewer that you are a college tour guide, it is evident that you instantly have an advantage over other applicants for the same position.