The students that make up the Admission Center are as diverse as USC itself. Our Admission Ambassadors and Tour Guides come from almost every professional school on campus and from cities around the United States and countries around the world. They’re also immersed in a wide variety of different clubs and organizations across campus and frequently keep busy with internships, research positions and other opportunities when they’re away from the office. However, for many of the students that work on our team, the AC is the place they expand into those opportunities from. With a special focus on what some of our recent graduates have to say, here are some quotes from current and former Admission Ambassadors and Tour Guides on what their time at the AC meant to them and how it helped them get to where they are today:

Being a Tour Guide has helped me tremendously in consulting. Presentation skills, having to make things up on the fly, being comfortable talking and engaging with people of all ages and ranks, are all skills I learned and refined as a tour guide. It completely shaped my USC experience and for that I am forever grateful.

Working at the AC has introduced me to so many individuals who have all gone above and beyond in taking advantage of what the university has to offer. Speaking with my fellow coworkers lead me to join new clubs, apply for leadership positions, and inspired me to participate in a Problems without Passports program this past summer.

Working at the AC has provided me with one of the most formative experiences of my USC career. I’ve had the chance to build friendships with some of USC’s most passionate, driven and interesting students while getting to share my love of the University with hundreds of prospective students, parents and VIP guests every week. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have such a fulfilling campus job and the professional yet fun office environment has given me a skill set that will serve me well in the workplace long past graduation.

Working at the AC, has been such a rewarding experience. I’ve met some of my best friends in this office that were initially role models to me. This office has made me fall in love with my university; and it has allowed me to share this excitement with future Trojans.

A student’s experience in the AC is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t actually experienced it. Its the perfect balance of learning and practicing professional skills that will be useful in any career while developing close relationships with coworkers that will last a lifetime. Its rare to find that perfect balance between an enjoyable work environment while still maintaining professionalism, but the AC does it.

This was my first “real” job. The amount I’ve learned even in just one year is seriously astounding. Each day I’m pushed to higher levels of professionalism and dedication by my fellow ACers. So the skills I’ll take with me after I leave can help me in any field. I’m so proud to tell people I work in the Admission Center; it’s one of my greatest accomplishments thus far!

Working in the AC has quite literally altered my professional and career trajectory but also gave me the best friends I could ever have. 3 years after graduation, my AC family is the single group of people I keep in touch with the most and can see them being a part of my life 20 years from now. It was hands down the best decision I made while at USC.

While working at the AC, I have learned about customer service, organization of an office, and how good leadership and having a great work environment can make work not an obligation, but a joy. There is no class to learn what the AC has taught me.

I found a family at the AC when I joined. I was surrounded for the first time by incredible and inspirational people. Never have I seen such a density of ambition, kindness, and creative thinking in a group of people, and I think that shows in what our alumni go on to contribute to firms and their communities.

Joining the AC has hands-down been the best decision I’ve made at USC and the biggest gift in my college career by helping me find my home and close friends who are doing remarkable things that inspire me and who will always support me.

I’ve learned more from my Admission Center family than I have from most of my classes. These are lessons in friendship, work ethic, and passion I won’t soon forget. Professional opportunities? Yup. Networking? Sure. That’s all here. But what’s been invaluable for me isn’t the job experience, it’s been the people.

When I became a member of the AC I expected to learn professionalism, efficiency, networking and interpersonal skills but what’s been most surprising are the people. This is the only place on campus where people with opposite majors, interests, talents and backgrounds both geographically and culturally seamlessly blend together creating, what I think, is the best possible version of what USC has to offer.

Jobs & Internships

Students and graduates of the Admission Center enter the professional world through both jobs and internships at a variety of different companies and organizations. Here’s a look at just some of places our current students and graduates have or are working:

  • Partners Trust
  • Universal Music Group
  • German Institute for International and Security Affairs
  • USC Eye Institute
  • Chevron / Chevron Information Technology
  • Ernst and Young – x2
  • Target
  • Karten Design
  • Intel
  • Stagecoach Entertainment
  • CONAN (Warner Brothers) – x2
  • Casa Pacifica
  • Siegal + Gale (branding agency)
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (SURF)
  • Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Box
  • MySpace
  • Goop
  • Conrad Centennial Hotel (Singapore)
  • USC Office of Orientation Programs
  • DineEquity
  • OutSystems (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Vanguard (investment management) (Scottsdale)
  • 20th Century Fox Film/Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • British Medical Journal
  • JB Talent (Beverly Hills)
  • Bristol Recording (Boston)
  • Annenberg TV News
  • Camp St. Nicholas (camp counselor)
  • Protiviti
  • PayNet (financial services)
  • The Huffington Post
  • KPMG
  • Reign Casting Agency
  • Special Olympics Summer Games
  • Google – x5
  • Oracle – x2
  • Amazon
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • McMaster-Carr (industrial supplier)
  • Regis University
  • MobStac (mobile tech startup – Bangalore, India)
  • Fulbright Scholar Program
  • BOMA Project (NGO, Princeton in Africa)
  • Case Western Reserve
  • University of Washington
  • University of Minnesota
  • Hitachi Consulting