Our Office

The USC Admission Center is the guest relations branch of USC’s Office of Admission. We welcome thousands of guests each year for our visit programs to include tours for prospective students and their families, high school group tours, VIPs, admitted students, alumni, and more.

Beyond our visit programs, we serve as a point of contact for prospective and admitted students to ask questions about USC and learn more about the admission process. In other words, we’re often the first contact people have with USC for the thousands that pass through our doors each year or the many more that contact us electronically.

The Admission Center is located on the second floor of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center (TCC) in Room 202. It is there where our student Admission Ambassadors and Tour Guides work to deliver a great experience for our guests along with our many professional staff members, including USC’s admission counselors.

Our Team

T he students that make up the Admission Center are as diverse as USC itself. They come from states across the country, countries around the world, as well as both public schools and private schools. Some are students at Viterbi, others are students at Dornsife or Roski. Some are even the first in their family to attend college while others have a family legacy at USC lasting decades.

No matter their background though, one thing is certain: our students are passionate about sharing their USC experience with others. 

It’s also important to note that just as with the admission process that admitted you into USC, there isn’t a “hidden secret” or specific set of characteristics, traits or accomplishments that will guarantee you a job within our office. We simply look for students who are eager to share their USC experience with others in a genuine, upbeat manner.

The Admission Center can be described as...

We asked our current Admission Ambassadors and Tour Guides to complete the answer to what the Admission Center can best be described as. The most popular answer: a family.


Other popular answers included “my home away from home”, “a work environment where you’re free to be yourself”, “the face of USC”, and “a super fun and hardworking environment where you’re surrounded by amazing people.”

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