Our Office

Here at the USC Admission Center, we welcome over 100,000 visitors to campus and give tours to prospective students, families, academic groups, admitted students, alumni, and many others!

Our student staff members are representatives of the university, answering questions about USC’s admission process and student life. We work alongside USC admission counselors to deliver a great experience to our guests.

Located on the second floor of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center (TCC) in Room 202, the Admission Center is a “home away from home” to student staff members. We are proud to be dedicated and passionate Trojans.

Our Family

T he students that make up the Admission Center Family come from different states, countries, and cities around the world. Here at USC, we represent a number of academic schools, majors, and minors. Some of us are first-generation college students, while others come from a family legacy of Trojans.

One thing we all share in common? A genuine passion for sharing our USC experience with others.

I knew I wanted a job that would allow me to be around and communicate with people. I wanted to be able to reassure seniors going through the application process that they’re going to be alright, because I wish someone had done that for me when I had been applying. I also wanted to find an office community that promoted friendship, focus, and ambition, and was lucky I found all three in working for the Admission Center. Some of my closest friends and favorite people exist because of this job. – Nisha Malhotra, Class of 2019

I love working for the Admission Center because it’s the one place on campus where I am inspired, motivated, and supported. As a tour guide of campus, you have such an influential role in prospective students’ lives and have the ability to sculpt their view of the university, and that’s extremely empowering. Working in the Admission Center, you are surrounded by some of the best, brightest, and most inspiring students that will go beyond just simply being your colleagues, but instead your family. – Clifton Martin, Class of 2019

I’ve realized that I can talk for hours and hours about something that I am passionate about, whether that be USC or my major. As an introvert, I never pushed myself to talk to people I didn’t know, but coming into the AC, I have had the chance to talk to so many students, parents, and colleagues about just life in general, finding things in common, from the stress of the college search to my love of the sciences and music. The AC has helped me realize the extroverted side of myself. – Bethany Yew, Class of 2020