What is the Admission Center?

The USC Admission Center is the guest relations branch of USC’s Office of Admission. Located on the second floor of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, our office is home to the university’s campus tours, admission presentations, admission interviews, and more. We serve as the face and voice of the university to prospective students and their families and we deliver tours and presentations to alumni, VIPs, and other guests to USC’s University Park Campus.

We employ students in one of three positions within our office: Admission AmbassadorsTour Guides and Volunteer Tour Leaders. Check out the other FAQ item below for more information on what exactly each one of these positions does.

I don’t know nearly enough about USC for these positions. Is it even worth it to apply?

Of course! Our office has a fun yet robust training process which teaches you all the necessary skills necessary to be a successful Admission Ambassador or Tour Guide. This training process covers everything from what USC’s over 750 clubs and organizations have to offer (we promise you don’t have to learn them all!) to how to explain and understand USC’s admission philosophy.

How can I meet you or ask questions in person?

We’ll be hosting a number of information sessions throughout late August and September where you can meet several of our student staff members in person and ask us questions on anything Admission Center related. Dates for these information sessions will be posted on our homepage as well as through our social media accounts (linked to in the navigation bar above).

Our office also sends representatives to the Work Study Fair, Involvement Fair, and numerous new student orientation sessions. For more details on how to meet us at these events, follow our social media accounts.

Although info sessions and events around campus are the best way to meet us, you may also visit the Admission Center in-person to ask recruitment-related questions. We are located in TCC 202 (on the second floor of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center) and are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm.

I’m a first-year (freshman) student just starting out and barely know anything about USC. Can I still apply?

Of course! Many of the new students we hire each fall are freshmen and we value the contributions they bring to our team since they recently went through the college application process themselves. Additionally, our office has a robust and fun training process which teaches all the necessary skills necessary to be a successful ambassador to the university. Plus, joining the Admission Center as a first-year student can provide you with a guaranteed job throughout all four years of your time at USC.

Do you have any fun stories?

We’re glad you asked. In short, yes! Throughout the past few years, we’ve gotten to give tours to all kinds of interesting and cool guests, and a variety of fun things have happened to our Admission Ambassadors and Tour Guides during the course of their duties.

While on the job, our student staff members have give tours to numerous VIPs and other important guests to campus. While we can’t name them here out of respect for their privacy, many of our team members consider specific tours of theirs to be the highlight of their time at USC.

On the other hand, outside of the office, our student staff members have been featured in numerous USC Admission and University brochures and videos, the SCampus student handbook, USC’s website, and plenty of other cool places. Some also serve as online ambassadors to newly admitted and prospective students through social media platforms. Even with all this, our students still manage to get mentioned on USC’s Facebook page or get a selfie (or three!) with President Nikias every so often.

In all seriousness, we’d love to tell you more specific stories but they really do vary for each Admission Ambassador or Tour Guide, so be sure to come to one of our information sessions and meet us in person to ask for more details.

I need to change something on my application but I already submitted it. What do I do?

Please send an email to apply@uscadmissioncenter.com from your USC email address with the full name you put on your application as well as what change(s) you’d like to make. A member of our recruitment team will then place a note or correction on your application.

When will I hear back after I applied?

We don’t have a specific timeline as to when you might hear back on the status of your submitted application, although our first round of interviews begins on September 6th and our application is due on September 1st. With that said, we anticipate that we will begin scheduling the first rounds of interviews before the application is due and then proceed on a rolling basis after that time until mid-to-late September.

All applicants however should receive a confirmation email from us no more than 24 hours after they submit their completed application. If they qualify for a first round interview, a student staff member from our recruitment team will then reach out via email to schedule one at an acceptable time.

What are the advantages of working in the Admission Center?

We’d love to tell you here (since there are so many!) but we’ve made a page just for that right here.

What is the time commitment?

Admission Center staff members are expected to:

  • Attend Wednesday staff meetings from 5-6pm
  • Be available 1 week during either winter or spring break and 20 days during the summer
  • Be available to work a Friday shift during the Fall or Spring semesters.

New Admission Center staff members must successfully complete a 15-week training program consisting of Friday afternoon sessions (2-5pm), varying shadow hours in the office, as well as passing the final exam. At the conclusion of training, we ask new members to commit to a minimum of 6 hours of work each week.

Tommy’s Tour leaders are expected to:

  • Attend a one-day training on either Saturday or Sunday
  • Shadow Group Tours
  • Attend a biweekly staff meeting
  • Provide availability for 2-4 Group Tour timeslots per week
Do you accept work study students? Do you have to be work-study to apply?

Yes, our office accepts work study students, although you certainly don’t have to be a work study student to apply.

Are these paid positions?

Both the Admission Ambassador and Tour Guide positions are paid student worker jobs for the university. However, the Tommy’s Tours Tour Leaders are a volunteer position, and hence unpaid.  

Who is eligible to apply?

Currently enrolled first-year (freshman), sophomore, and junior students are eligible to apply for the Tour Guide, Tommy’s Tours Tour Leaders, and Admission Ambassador positions. This is due to training requirements. However, graduate students who are not in their final year of study can also apply for Tommy’s Tours Tour Leaders.  

What’s the difference between an Admission Ambassador, Tommy’s Tour Tour Leader and Tour Guide?

Both Admission Ambassadors, Tommy’s Tours Tour Leaders, and Tour Guides perform crucial functions to support the efforts of USC’s Office of Admission. While each group of student staff members might have different titles, we work closely together to deliver an enjoyable and memorable experience for the thousands of guests who visit our office each year.

Check out the chart to see more about the roles and responsibilities of each position within our office. Please note: when filling out our application, you may choose to apply to either role individually or select the “All Positions” option. The application questions are the same regardless of which option you choose.

Additionally, all of our student staff members are passionate about the USC experience and become skilled and persuasive communicators to diverse audiences. As an office that heavily values and practices teamwork in everything we do, we strive to share a genuine narrative of our experience at USC with others and act as positive role models for both prospective and admitted students from a variety of backgrounds.

For more complete information on each position, click here.


What positions are available?

We accept students into one of three positions: Admission Ambassador, Tommy’s Tour Leader, or Tour Guide. Both groups of staff work very closely with one another and a full description of what each job entails can be found in the “What’s the difference between a Tour Guide, Tommy’s Tours Tour Leader and Admission Ambassador” FAQ item.

What is the hiring process like?

Our office recruits new students once each school year in the fall. This year, our application becomes available on Tuesday June, 6th and is due on Friday, September 1st . We then conduct two rounds of interviews and expect to make job offers in early October. A full timeline of our Fall 2017 recruitment cycle is below:

  • 06/06/2017 – Application becomes available.
  • 09/01/2017 – Applications are due (at 5pm).
  • 09/06/2017 – First-round interviews begin.
  • 09/21/2017 – Second-round interviews begin.
  • Early October – Job offers are made.

Please note: dates listed are subject to change.

Do you have positions available for graduate students?

Yes! Our newest position, Tommy’s Tours Tour Leaders, is available for graduate students who are not in their final year of study.