Admission Ambassador Interview: Estefania Gonzalez

    Hello. Hi. What’s your name? Estefania Gonzalez. Alright, Estefania Gonzales. Where’re you from? Colton, California. Which I like to say is an hour and a half away without traffic, and then if you’re driving in the middle of the night, around 11:00PM or 2:00AM, it’ll take 55 minutes. Does she drive at these […]

Tour Guide Interview: Sam Burton

  Disclaimer: Interview was conducted partially in a foreign language, translations will be provided as bracketed inserts. All other notes will be in the standard, patented italics format. Hello. Hi Fedja. What’s your name? My name is Sam Buhton [Burton]. Sam pulled away and giggled devilishly. Sam Buhton [Burton]. Sam picked up his mug of […]

Interview: Tour Guide Rachel Udabe

  What’s your name? My name is Rachel Udabe. Where are you from? I am from Cerritos, California: home to world’s largest auto square. So they say. I’ll take your word for whether or not that’s said, Rachel. That means that we have the highest density of auto dealerships. I’ve never fact-checked them. But it’s […]

Interview: Admission Ambassador Amanat Singh

Hi. My name is Fedja, and I’m an Admission Ambassador from Newburyport, Massachusetts who just wrapped up his freshman year. I’m the one responsible for conducting these interviews so that you, the reader, can get to know the Admission Center staff just that much better. Enjoy.     Hello! Hello! She smiled, before popping with […]